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British Columbia Trip Report '07

We finished the summer with a trip to our favorite paddling vacation destination - the coast range of BC. Here's a report and some photos from the final destination on our summer tour.

Back to BC!
As we left Washington the water levels and temperature were falling and the clouds were gathering. Our brief burst of summer was coming to an end, and an early fall was coming to the Pacific Northwest. In an effort to evade the forecasted heavy rains and flash flooding, we headed for the dry side of the mountains in BC - to the Nahatlatch River. Arriving there, we spent an afternoon exploring and driving backroads, ending up on the wrong side of the mountain for paddling as night fell. We had found several nice looking waterfalls on a side creek that we planned to run. Arriving back at the Nahatlatch the next afternoon and finding it at a high-end level for the canyon run, we planned to get up in the morning and run those waterfalls and then look for someone to shuttle and paddle with on the Nahatlatch. We spent the afternoon outfitting boats and relaxing in our campsite along the river.

Andria outfitting a boat on the banks of the Nahatlatch.

As the clouds gathered, a raft trip went by.

Then the rains came - this is what most evenings looked like in the Pacific Northwest this summer - chilling in the van with raincoat hung up as it rains and rains outside the door.

Here's Hudson in the river before the rain. The following day, that biggest rock next to him went under water as the river surged 0.7 meters to an unrunable level.

We awoke to find the river raging high and spent the next day watching old growth logs float by our campsite as the rain continued to fall.

Skunked in the Nahatlatch valley, we headed for the Sunshine Coast where Skook was about to come in.