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East Coast Fall Color Creekin'

This fall our Rivergypsies' travels took us up and down the east coast shooting more photos for the upcoming book. What started out as a Gauley/Moose week turned into a lot more as the rains fell. Check out the report and photos:


We headed out of town a day late for our final Gauley weekend - arriving at the Gauley on a rainy Friday night. We got word that the Blackwater was on the rise, so we headed to bed early in anticipation of getting up and creeking. When morning arrived, the Blackwater was too high for our comfort and the weather was chilly and wet. We decided to spend a slow morning testing out the furnace in the van. That afternoon Andria got in a Gauley run, while I shuttle bunnied to rest my slightly separated shoulder for the day of creeking to come on the Blackwater.

Sunday found us up at the Blackwater, where we were greeted with blue skies, warm temperatures, great water levels, beautiful fall colors, and miles of awesome whitewater! We met up with our buddy Nori and some of his friends, planning to do a run on the Upper and Lower Blackwater. Nori was our fearless leader, having run the river about 30 times. The rest of our large group had done the river between zero and five times (myself twice over 10 years and Andria once). We did a lot of scouting, and had a ton of fun out there on this Appalachian classic.

The view of Blackwater Falls from the put-in.

The river starts off with a bang - a long class V- rapid right at the put-in, known as "Hundred Yard Dash," followed by a long runout. From there the action just keeps on coming all day long, with rapid after rapid of high quality slots and boofs.

Nori points out the line on the first rapid.

Matt Fithian in the runout below Hundred Yard Dash.

The Blackwater doesn't have any really big drops - just miles and miles of technical whitewater sprinkled with a few sieves to keep you on your toes. It's not the ultra hair, but it's not for the faint of heart either. If you know where you need to be, it's mostly just good clean fun.

Nori running the biggest rapid - Tomko Falls.

As we got further down into the canyon, the walls pulled back a bit, giving us some excellent views of the fall foliage, and keeping us basking and boofing in the sunshine for most of the day.

Andria boofing through Autumn.

After the Upper, there are a few more bigish rapids, loads of boogie water, and some incredible scenery on the paddle out down the Lower B. It was a great day out there - thanks to Nori for showing us the lines!

Nori on the final rapid of the upper - "My Nerves Are Shot, I Can't Take Any More".

We headed back to the Gauley for a final squirt run on Monday before setting off for the chilly north for Moose Fest....