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Luscious Lochsa

After the cold and rain and epicness of Big Timber, we were stoked to head over to the Lochsa in Idaho for some sunny surfing. We found a great campsite, and enjoyed hanging by this beautiful juicy river for the night anticipating our surfs.

Playing around by the river after getting to camp.

The Lochsa is a Hudson-approved water source.

Catching up on work a bit before heading to the river.

The view from the mobile office.

Morning yoga session.

We arrived at the put in to find it horribly crowded.

Andria settling in on Pipeline Wave.

Rob Davis (no relation), a local guide who we paddled with that day.

Andria having a ball on Pipeline.

Rob doing more surfing.

At the end of the day, the results from the event were as follows: we decided that we all tied for winning the impromptu Lochsa River Rodeo, with everybody in the group achieving extreme levels of fun-ness. It was a low-key grass roots event, but we feel that the first annual RiverGypsies Lochsa River Rolling Rodeo was a big success!

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