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Washington Trip Report '07

Summer '07 is on, and we are now in Washington continuing to look for the most classic class III - V runs for the River Gypsies' Guide to North America. Here's a report from the rainy Northwest, where we hope summer will arrive any day:

Boating in the Hood, round 2.
While at the Cooper, we got the word that recent rains had bumped the level on the Little White back up to 2.8'. Seeing as the Little White is one of the best runs on the planet, we immediately drove the 3.5 hours back down to Hood River to look into this newfound water. Arriving at the putin the following morning, we were a bit bummed to find the level was more like 2.3' - it seems that there is some debate as to how to properly read the Little White gauge. Since we were there, we decided that low water Little White still beats most other creeks, and went for another run.

Once again I didn't take pictures, but John Fuqua got this shot of me on the top drop of S Turn - the cover rapid from the current Washington guidebook.

Since we were there and Little White is so good, we decided that one more run was in order the next day, and took a few more people down the creek. Now that our Little White appetites were mostly sated, we checked around to see what other runs were going around Hood River. The Farmlands section of the White Salmon was a bit low, and the Green Truss has a nasty log in it that we were loathe to portage, so we decided to do a run on the Middle White Salmon with my good friend and former roommate Allen - who hadn't been in his boat since summer of '06, but still showed us some great lines out there.

Allen boofing the final drop of the first rapid on the run - Maytag.

The Middle starts and ends with a bang - here's Andria getting a nice boof on the ending in her Recoil at Husum Falls.

Just for perspective, there is a raft with 5 people in it in this photo.

Here's the next frame of the raft emerging from the hole.