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River Gypsies' GPS Navigation Waypoints

River Gypsies' Guide to North America GPS Navigation Waypoints
or $4.95 per region

We've compiled all of the put-ins, take-outs, and campsites from The River Gypsies' Guide to North America into downloadable files that you can load onto your GPS unit. No more reading tedious guidebook directions!! Just choose the access point that you're looking for and have your navigation system take you there turn by turn! These .gpx files are compatible with many common GPS units.

Here's how it works:

1. First, select and purchase a region waypoint file using the dropdown menu below.

2. You will be sent an email with a link you can use to download the file. Save it to your desktop.

To install the waypoints on a Garmin Nuvi or Zumo:

3. Connect your Garmin device to your PC with the data cable
4. Right-click on the .gpx file on your desktop
5. Click "Copy"
6. Click on the "Start" menu
7. Click "My Computer"/"Computer"
8. Double-click on the Garmin nuvi or zumo drive
9. Double-click on the "Garmin" folder
10. Double-click on the "GPX" folder
11. Right-click anywhere inside the GPX folder
12. Click "Paste"
13. Safely disconnect the device from the PC and switch it on

There should be new categories in your favorites for put-ins, take-outs, play spots, park-n-hucks, and campsites. Navigate to these by choosing them as your destination.