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Paddling titles from Brushy Mountain Publishing

by Leland Davis.

A new breed of action thriller novel!

The River Gypsies' Guide to North America
by Leland & Andria Davis.

A full color guide to 294 of the continent's best whitewater runs and playspots.

Yoga for Shoulders DVD
with Andria Davis, R.Y.T..

Restore and strengthen your shoulders with this step by step program of yoga practices designed to release, realign, and strengthen your shoulders.

North Carolina Rivers & Creeks
by Leland Davis.

A full color guide to 101 Whitewater runs and playspots in Western North Carolina and the surrounding area.

Playin' in the Back Yard
Digital Download.

Now you can download this classic tour of the Green River Narrows, including a top to bottom in order rapid showing, carnage section, early race footage, playboats on the Green, and Lower Joe Creek.

Yoga for Paddlers
With Andria Baldovin, R.Y.T.
$9.99 per session

Two 26 minute sessions of poses.

Session 1:

Session 2:

River Gypsies North America GPS Waypoints
or $9.95 per region

We've compiled all of the put-ins, take-outs, and campsites from The River Gypsies' Guide to North America into downloadable files that you can load onto your GPS unit. No more reading tedious guidebook directions!! Just choose the access point that you're looking for and have your navigation system take you there turn by turn!