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A novel by Leland Davis

"A new breed of action thriller!"

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When risking your life for thrills grows old, some things are still worth dying for. . .

Adventurer, expert kayaker, and professional river guide Chip Wilson is wrestling with the recent death of his best friend in a kayaking accident when he's hired to train a team of former Navy SEALs for the whitewater rafting portion of an adventure race. But when he learns the team is secretly training for a covert mission that they can't complete without him, Chip is swept into a harrowing world of special operations and intrigue that plunges him deep into the jungles of Mexico and far from his comfort zone - where he embarks upon his own quest to become the first person to kayak off a mysterious hidden waterfall.

In the remote jungle canyon, Chip uncovers a plot that leads him all the way back to the halls of power in Washington, DC, and over the edge into the life of an assassin. . .

"The gripping river scenes will get the hearts of paddlers pumping, and the action-packed plot twists will keep non-paddlers on the edges of their seats!"

About the Author: Leland Davis is a professional writer, editor, publisher, extreme kayaker and river guide. He is the author of 2 guidebooks, The River Gypsies' Guide to North America and North Carolina Rivers & Creeks, and his writing has appeared in numerous international, national, and regional whitewater and outdoors publications. He has been a whitewater instructor and guide for over twenty years, leading tours and expeditions across the US as well as in Canada, Mexico, and South America.

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