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Proper Creek Boating technique can make the difference between flopping down the river and styling your lines. In these two day clinics we'll begin with detailed instruction on proper line selection and visualization. We'll then go over the stroke placement, upper body positioning, torso rotation, and hip action that will make your chosen line a reality. Finally, we'll cover the learning techniques for quickest assimilation of all of these skills into your creek boating arsenal.

Whatever your skill level, we've got you covered!
Whether you are a beginning creeker or regularly running class V, we can help you refine your technique and skills to steepen your learning curve and keep you progressing.

Courses include instruction only, so you will be responsible for your own equipment, lodging, and food.




Schedule of Creeking Clinics

We will be offering clinics in the Southeast on any days of March and April of 2013. If you would like to check availability or reserve dates for your group, please contact us.

Our trips begin with a morning class session where we go over our proven list of three fives: Five things to scout for, five decisions to make before you get in your boat, and five components of proper technique to help you hit that line. After class, we take to the water where we work on a progression of skills, providing you with constant feedback on which of the skills you're mastering, and which are the next that you need to work on in your progression. We maintain a ratio of no more than 4 students per instructor so that we can make sure you get the feedback you need to improve your boating. If you opt for a two day clinic, the second day is another river day where we will coach you on the refinement and advancement of the skills from the previous day. You'll be amazed how much the new techniques will come together after sleeping on them for a night! We highly recommend that you take the 2 day clinic.

Clinics usually start at 9:30-10:00 AM on the first day, and we try to wrap it up by 3:30-4:00 on the second day.

Creeking Clinic Locations

Southeast (SE) clinics will be located within 3 hours of Asheville, depending on water conditions. If there is no water in appropriate free flowing rivers, intermediate clinics can be held on the Ocoee for a $25/person/day surcharge. We are happy to reserve dates for you based on a specific river that you would like to learn on, and you will only be charged if that river is running on your chosen dates.

Creeking Clinic Pricing

1 Day Clinics

1 person


2 People


3 People


4 or More


2 Day Clinics

1 person


2 People


3 People


4 or More