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Water Under The Bridge
A Journey Through A Life In The Outdoors
By Bo Cash

Expert fly angler and avid hunter Bo Cash takes us on a journey through a lifetime of experiences and adventures in the outdoors. Through his triumphs and misadventures, we see how a passion for mountains, woods, and streams can profoundly influence and shape our lives.

The best stories take us back to ourselves - back to our own memories, our own times, and our own experiences. Through those stories we are permitted a new lens, a new way of seeing, a new way of understanding; the act of borrowing the narrator's perspective allows us to see ourselves in a way we couldn't have seen on our own. This is what Bo Cash does in Water Under the Bridge - stirring the pages of our memories as the literal pages are turned.

We rarely find masters who are willing to share their secrets and their stories so freely; but when we do, we cannot help but be absorbed.

"A wonderfully lyrical tribute to our high country heritage. He stalks not only wild trout in these remote streams, but also the intimate history of our mountain past."
- Jim Dean
Former editor, Wildlife in North Carolina
Author of Dogs that Point, Fish that Bite
and The Secret Lives of Fishermen

"Vivid and from the heart, Bo Cash's love song to western North Carolina touched me deeply. What fun wading through streams with him to meet a trout with character, and hiking in forests hunting grouse and memories."
- Gwen Veazey, Columnist, Morganton News Herald

"Reading each chapter evoked special memories of similar life-altering events I too have seen, felt, experienced and lived - more than once, tears, rather unexpectedly, welled up in the corner of my eye. I'm well beyond the 'manly' stiff-lipped stage of life and more and more enjoy the 'tenderhearted' moments.
Bo's narratives provide many!"
- M.R. "Squeak" Smith
Chairman, Foothills Conservancy of NC
Former Trustee, Trout Unlimited