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River Gypsies Archives - Trip Reports

We've been at it for years!!

Far Northern California Adventure - Smith and Cal-Salmon

Finding levels on the high side in California, we darted north to take a unique opportunity to hit these legendary rivers in June. Read our report and see breathtaking pictures of some of the most beautiful water we've ever paddled on!

American Whitewater 2010 Board Meeting Report

For something a little bit different, check out this report with a recap of what we heard in the stewardship presentations at the recent AW board meeting, with pics from the presentations as well as some fun shots of paddling on Clear Creek with the board and staff!

New Mexico 2010 Trip Report

We finally hit an area we've always wanted to get to - New Mexico - for some of the classics there. This place has amazing creeks running through desert canyons, and shouldn't be missed as an incredible paddling destination! Check out pics from the Embudo, Upper Taos Box, and Pilar runs.

Midwest 2010 Trip Report

Our western tour has begun! Check out the trip reports from our events in Ohio and Missouri, as we start making our way across to the left coast. Included are runs on the Mad River in Ohio, and the fabled "Saint" in Missouri.

Cheat Fest 2010 Trip Report

We hit the road for our first trip of the season, taking in Cheat Fest and testing out the River Gypsies' Navigation System by hitting the Upper Yough, Fikes Creek, Middle Fork Tygart, Top Yough, Big Sandy, and Lower Yough.

RiverGypsies Chile '09-'10 Trip Report #2

Chilean Rivers at risk, and a last run on the beautiful Rio Achibueno.

RiverGypsies Chile '09-'10 Trip Report #1

The trip to Chile and the fabled Rio Claro - 7 Teacups and 22 Waterfalls Sections.

RiverGypsies Summer 2009 Trip Report #3

Vacation vs. Expedition musings, Douglas Creek Revisited, and what's at stake in the race for BC Hydro development.

RiverGypsies Summer 2009 Trip Report #2

Some soul searching as paddlers, classic waterfalls in BC, and a tale of seeking last descents as the amazing creeks of BC are lost to hydropower.

RiverGypsies Summer 2009 Trip Report #1

Check out the report and pictures from Big Timber, Lochsa, and some Washington favorites, as well as event results from the first annual RiverGypsies Lochsa River Rolling Rodeo and RiverGypsies Cooper River Extreme Race.

RiverGypsies Mexico Trip Report
Part 2


Here's part two of this year's Mexico report, with tons more great pictures from the Huasteca and also some interesting tales from our drive back home.

RiverGypsies Mexico Trip Report
Part 1


We headed back to the amazing Mexican Huasteca for more waterfalls this year, and for another stay at the breathtaking Huasteca Secreta Eco Resorts.

Possible new state Record waterfall

On our way home from Mexico, a long night of heavy rain turned into a mean snowstorm. We made our way through the treacherous roads to a waterfall we had been scouting, where Andria went for broke trying to run the tallest drop ever kayaked in the state.

The Trip Home

With things wrapped up for our summer trip, it was time to point the van east and make our way back to NC to catch up on work and get some rest. Here's Andria's report on our drive home in early August, including surfing on Alberton Gorge, and a run on the legendary Big South Fork of the Poudre in Colorado.

Little White Salmon

As our summer in the Northwest wound down to an end, we decided there would be no better way to finish it off than to spend a week running the Little White Salmon near Hood River. Little White is usually done by this time of year, but we found really nice flows between 3.1' and 2.9' for our week on this classic with great friends.

Washington Lap Part 2

In part 2 of our Washington trip report from 2008, we get some more creeking action on the Tye. Read part 2 of the report and check out some pics from one of Washington's most legendary runs!

Washington Lap Part 1

In mid-July, we were joined by a crew of southeastern friends to hit some of our favorite classics in Washington state. Here's the first installment of the trip report - Fall in the Wall on the South Snoqualmie and creeking on the Cooper River.

Smith Creek, Idaho

Hearing that the best creek in Idaho would be running, we headed up near the Canadian border for some misadventures in the Idaho granite.

Canyon Creeks

Having fled the rain and coming snow in Idaho (they got 3 more feet in the mountains), we headed to Oregon to check out some creeks that usually only run during winter. We hit both Canyon Creek Oregon and Canyon Creek Washington, and also went to the wedding of our friends Allen and Jess near Hood River. Oh yeah, we hit the East Fork of the Lewis too.

Middle Fork of the Salmon

After several years away from it, Andria and I were invited back for another pre-season trip on Idaho's amazing Middle Fork of the Salmon. The Middle Fork is one of the best multi-day river trips in the US, running 120 miles through the lagest roadless wilderness in the lower 48. In an effort to enjoy it to the max, we spent 8 days out there at high water.

American Whitewater Board Meeting
and Staff Paddle
PLUS South Yuba spill days Trip Report


Last year while we were traveling, I was contacted by some AW members who wanted to nominate me for the Board of Directors. This spring, I attended the AW board meeting in Sacramento to learn more about the organization and to see if serving on the board is something I'm interested in doing. Here is a trip report of what I saw at the board meeting, and some paddling I did while out there on Chamberlain Falls, the legendary 49-Bridgeport section, and the Purden's section on the South Yuba.

Kootenai Creek, Montana
Trip Report


In this first mini-report, we make it across the country and hit Kootenai Creek in Montana for a little welcome to the west session.

West Virginia & Cheat Fest
Trip Report


We kicked the 2008 season off with a great week in West Virginia, doing some boating, teaching a clinic, and taking in the Cheat Fest. Here's Andria's report and some photos from our travels.

2007 Mexico Creeking Clinic
Trip Report - Part 2


In December of 2007, we ran our first creeking clinics outside of the US. We headed to San Luis Potosi state in Mexico for warm waterfalls and good times at the new Huasteca Secreta resorts. Check out part two of the report - Cascada de Tamul and running waterfalls on El Salto.

2007 Mexico Creeking Clinic
Trip Report - Part 1


In December of 2007, we ran our first creeking clinics outside of the US. We headed to San Luis Potosi state in Mexico for warm waterfalls and good times at the new Huasteca Secreta resorts. Check out part one of the report - the Ojo Frio and Cascadas Micos.

BC Trip Report '07

Waterfalls, scenics, and Skook in this report from a high water year in beautiful British Columbia.

Washington '07 Part 3

Skykomish, Ohanepecosh, Green Truss, Icicle Creek.

Washington '07 Part 2

Little White, Middle White Salmon, Upper Cispus, Top Tye.

Washington '07 Part 1

Wind River, Little Wenatchee, Icicle Creek, Cooper.

California '07 Part 5

Bald Rock Canyon on the Middle Feather, Lower Tuolumne, Chile Bar on the South Fork American.

California '07 Part 4

SuperDink Infinislide and South Silver Creek granite bedrock report.

California '07 Part 3

Generation Gap, Giant Gap, and Chamberlain Falls on the North Fork American.

California '07 Part 2

Pauley Creek, and the Wild Plum and Goodyear's Bar sections on the North Yuba.

California '07 Part 1

SuperDink misadventure, Kaweah, Hospital Rock, and East Fork Kaweah.

Mexico '06/'07 Part 4

Tatempa, Zapotitlan, and Filo Canyon on the Rio Bobos, and the ruins at Tajin.

Mexico '06/'07 Part 3

Filo-Bobos, Rio Actopan, Jacamulco, and Barranca Grande.

Mexico '06/'07 Part 2

Santa Maria, traveling to Veracruz, and the Alsaseca.

Mexico '06/'07 Part 1

The drive south, Cascadas Micos and El Salto on the Rio Valles.

East Coast Fall

Upper Blackwater, Lower Blackwater, Middlebury, and Bottom Moose.

BC 2006 - Part 3

Lillooet Valley, Rogers Creek, and over to Cayoosh Creek.

BC 2006 - Part 2

The Coast Range, Upper Birkenhead, Callaghan and Cheakamus.

BC 2006 - Part 1

The drive out west, Mesa Fallsin Idaho, and the Jordan near Revelstoke.

Colorado 2006

The drive out west, Lime Creek high water, Tragedy on Vallecito, Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas, Homestake Race, Clear Creek Ark, Lime Creek, Vallecito, Oh Be Joyful, the Numbers on the Ark.